Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Blog Rage

Ok, I'm mad at my blog today...grrrrr!!! I typed up my post, and I see that there is a "preview" button here on my page. Cool...I'll hit that cute little button, and proof read my post. No problems so far. I'm reading through my post...oopsie..I found a spelling error. Ok, just hit that back button, and I'll correct it. Well my dears, I hit that dern back button and "ZAP"...GONE!!! My post disappeared into cyberspace, and is nowhere to be found!!! Geez, maybe that's what happens to all those things that I can't find around the house here...like that set of keys that is missing, and all those socks I can't find :-)

Monday, June 06, 2005

Good Morning!!!

Well, Monday morning, and the start of another week. Hubby had a 3 day weekend off from his "real" job...which is a rarity...and it was really nice to just chill for a few days.

I'm typing with a little booboo today...a football injury...can ya believe it??? We were pass'n the football on Saturday, and I jammed my poor little pinky finger...the dern thing won't bend. It doesn't help that hubby passes the football like he's releasing missiles...haaa!!! Half the time I'm dodging those suckers, for fear of lose'n a whole dang arm :-)

Had family in from Florida this weekend as well...so we decided yesterday was a good day for a cookout. Hubby man's the grill...gets his testosterone go'n to lift heavy bags of charcoal and play with fire :-) Mom and I made apple pies together...and I of course, as every kid would say, my mom makes the BEST apple pie. Crust from scratch and all!!! I get the sticky job of peel'n and slice'n all those apples. That's the best place for me though...pie crust is not my forte..unless ya like your apples with drywall!!!

Ended the evening lastnight with a drive in the car...sounds romantic huh??? Ah, seriously, it was a trip to the gas station around 9:30, and then a loop around the mall.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Sun Garden

Hey...We finally figured out how to post a pic here...kewl!!!

This is our "Sun Garden"...name after our "theme"...suns. Even though we've got lots of little decorative nooks & areas in our yard, I'd have to say this is my favorite one!!!

It's amazing how things come together too...cuz even though we did buy a few new things for this garden, most of it is stuff we've had for years. And I'm a BIG TIME penny pincher when it comes to this stuff...the cheaper the better. The big sun on the fence was a whopping 60% off at Elder Beerman...so yep...gotta have that!!! The wash tubs...can you believe we picked those up at a Goodwill??? They had 80 bucks on those, but I got 'em to go down to 40 bucks...oh yea!!! And they're well worth it...original hoses, and not a spot of rust.

Did you catch the wood flowers on the left??? Those are Amish made, and were bought in Berlin Ohio...we're about an hour south east of Ohio Amish Country. We've also got a few antique gardening tools...a rusty 'ole rake, an old manual mower, and a garden spade sit'n on the arm of the red chair. We've also got some sun themed stepping stones on the chair, along with a terra cotta sun bird feeder on a shepherd's hook.

On the front of the tubs is a hand made wood & rusty metal sun. It was bought at the Shaker Woods show that's held in Columbiana Ohio every August. If you haven't ever been there, and are in the area, you've GOT TO go!!! This show is literally in the woods...I kid you not. All of the booths are like little cabins/outbuildings, and are nestled at the bottoms of enormous trees. It's like stepping into another little world...really neat!!!

Underneath those tubs, is an old pair of work boots...did ya see 'em??? Yep, got those at the Salvation Army...$1.00...and filled 'em with "hens & chicks"...those lil babies will grow anywhere!!!

Last, but definately not least, is my little gem...at least I think so...that vintage lil red car...ahhhh...I LOVE it!!! My sister was here last weekend, and she had to do a double take..."is that the car we had as kids"??? No...but it sure looks like it huh :-) If ya had a metal pedal car as a kid, you know how kewl they are. Now mom got rid of our cars years ago, but I luckily found this puppy, and it was the perfect touch to the garden. And of course, I got a bargain. Another find in Ohio Amish Country.

Friday - June 6, 2005

What the blog??? Have you ever heard of such a thing??? We're registered with Bravenet Services for our website, and the topic of their newsletter today was "blogs". So I clicked on the link, and here we are...our very own "blog".

The idea, is to keep a running/updated log of events. Hmmmm...sounds interesting...maybe fun too :-) Even though you probably linked here from our website, we thought it'd be more interesting to keep our "blog" light hearted, and not so much about our business.

You get to post pics on these "blogs" too...yipppeeeee!!! So, we'll be racking our brains to amaze you with our next post.